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Dear Student,

SISWAMaiL ( is now in BETA test phase.
SISWAMaiL ( is the NEW student webmail powered by Google Apps. It is an official email application system provided to all students of University of Malaya.

To access SISWAMaiL please follow the guidelines below :

Go to
Login using your PerdanaMaiL username and password
To access your SISWAMaiL via mail client please use the password you choose when you activate the SISWAMaiL account.
The change password feature in SISWAMaiL in ONLY for SISWAMaiL usage ONLY (ie mail client , phone client , push mail etc). It will NOT effect your PerdanaMaiL ID.
If you face problem login into SISWAMaiL, please send us an email at

* This application is still in BETA test mode. Please expect a few glitches as user accounts are being passed to Google in batches.

There will be time-lag in user account creation process.

~ Administrator ~

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